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Ski Helmets Laws Hit Europe

Austria has taken further steps to make the wearing of Ski Helmets compulsory for children under fifteen years old. Upper Austria made it compulsory for children to wear ski helmets last season and now Lower Austria has followed up with … Continue reading

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Ski Helmets Mandatory In More Resorts For 2011

This coming season a lot more ski resorts have implemented bye-laws making the wearing of ski helmets mandatory. Fortunately, helmet wearing amongst adult skiers was already on the increase with latest figures showing that some 48% of grown-ups now wear … Continue reading

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Ski Helmets Save Lives

Ski helmets save lives. This is an undisputable fact. A good quality ski helmet will help to protect your head from injuries that could be sustained in falls on or off piste or collisions with other skiers or obstacles such … Continue reading

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