Ski Helmets Save Lives

Ski helmets save lives.
This is an undisputable fact.
A good quality ski helmet will help to protect your head from injuries that could be sustained in falls on or off piste or collisions with other skiers or obstacles such as ski-lift pylons and trees.
Your head and (of course) your brain are the most important parts of your body to protect from an injury and also it’s one of the esiest areas to protect.
Damage to your head or brain can have serious implications, which can often turn out to be fatal.
Not wearing a helmet while skiing is as foolhardy as taking a motorcycle out helmetless or not wearing a seat belt in a car.
Even  the slightest accident involving hitting your head in some way can cause skull and brain injuries.
The recent untimely death of Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident earlier this year should serve as a wake-up call for those who still think that not wearing a ski helmet is a trivial matter.
Not paying attention to your personal safety in such a simple way as using inobtrusive devices such as ski helmets really can have terminal consequences.

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